When we wake.

By suchaklutz

This is the way it will be. We will wake, we will dress, we will eat – and then this will be over.

We will stumble over promises and undergarments strewn across the floor, victims of last nights drunken haze. Our limbs, numb from entangling so ferociously in the heat of midnight, will now hang limp at our sides as we mumble our departing words in the cold morning haze.

We wont call, the night already forgetton, its grand adventure but a memory sucked into the hollowness of our Goodbyes.

I will smile, once I am out on the unfamiliar streets, for I have beaten the darkness for another night.

That is how it will be – once we wake.

But for now, we will share one more dream.

When we wake.

Created: Jul 14, 2010


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