By MattConley

I contributed the below bullet points to this Conversation thread: http://hitrecord.org/records/99346/forum

So checking out the thread in the above link first is definitely beneficial, but I think this will work as a stand alone RECord too (which is why I released it.) The topic is the "Heart Rate" and how it affects browsing for hidden gems on the site that may not have gotten as much attention as some of the more recommended or featured RECords.


Here are a few of my thoughts:

* First off, a "Random" button would be cool... and not just for the frequent users to use and make browsing easier, but for new people who first come to the site. I think it'd be a great way for them to casually start exploring this universe of art with minimal knowledge of the site.

* I truly feel that the search for great resources always comes down to time. You really just have to put in the time to do LOTS of keyword searches, or browse recommendations by artists you subscribe to, or you have to search through the RECords of artists you heart most and then find the resources they used in your favorite RECords of theirs. Time consuming as hell, but how do you think Oliver Stone and Co. found all of that stock footage they so meticulously cut away to in every scene of "JFK?" Time, and patience.

* I think the Heart Rate is fine. Do RECords end up getting more hearts in the end by getting early hearts and rising to the top? Sometimes. But sometimes they start off at 100% and never receive another heart. It's up to the users to find it, and support it if they truly like it. But many of the best RECords I've found will have 300+ hits and close to zero hearts. It just really boils down to what you like, and what you are looking to use for a project. It just takes time, patience, and perseverance to find what connects with you. The "Heart Rate" doesn't factor your own personal taste. It's merely a guide. Think of it as the "box office." Are the biggest money makers each weekend necessarily some of your favorite films? Sometimes. Sometimes not. Sometimes you have to comb through a video store, or refer to the employees (in this case HR users,) for recommendations catered to your own taste. No matter how many suggestions we as users come up with, I think hitRECord needs to function first and foremost to new users, and attract them to the community so they can participate. Then each user has to navigate it as they see fit to fit their personal needs. The new site update showcases the "Collaboration" page because that's where things like "MMM" get started. That's what needs to be emphasized first: collabs. Browsing is... well, browsing. It's a library and you just have to start with the first aisle and start walking...

* One way to draw attention to lesser-seen RECords is MisterB's Art RE-view: http://hitrecord.org/records/74966 There haven't been a lot of submissions, but I really feel it's a great way (besides just remarking) to give something you personally like (and wish others would too) a bit more exposure.

* Marke's list (in this thread) is especially helpful too. It should probably be released as its own RECord, or someone could REmix it into a video/tutorial. But even with everything broken down in such a concise way, browsing is just something that will take time (there's that magic word again, haha.)

* You can compile an Album with your favorite hidden gems. Some of the best resources are still out there, with hundreds of hits (or maybe dozens) and zero hearts. Buried treasures essentially. So when I found some "buried treasures" I made the "Diamonds In the Rough" collection to bring some attention to some of my favorite RECords that I thought deserved another look: http://hitrecord.org/records/74498

* Lastly, I personally think that emphasizing something like the "Heart Rate" is only going to get in the way of the overall goal of creating art that you - yourself - love and are proud of.

* I know this is lengthy, and maybe should be released as a RECord itself too, but I figured I'd throw out some ideas to this particular thread and see what other contributors thought.


Created: Jul 14, 2010

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