To Whom it May Concern

By LeesyPeesy

So I absolutely love sarahalyse's idea for the Pocket Autopsy video, and while thinking of what I could do, came upon Tori's piece. The poem is brilliant, and it reminded me of something in the same vein; this song I wrote it a couple years back. It's about, I guess the specifics of losing someone in this way. Being able to look at it from this strange, content angle, and still seeing the beauty, because there was honestly nothing anybody could do. It wasn't anyone's choice but her own, you know?
Anyway, re-recorded for you guys, here goes...

Emphatic as you were that night,
I wish you'd called me sooner, Caroline.
Your messages inspired this dramatic scene in view by all the guys in town.
Forgive me, that was selfish;
I haven't really sorted this all out,
My Caroline

Something tell me otherwise,
But were you thinking of me, Caroline?
Buried half in halter tops,
Your books, and eyes, and liners turned around.
But the thing that really gets me, though you never may believe me,
Were your thighs.
And how they'd never looked so pretty in all your life.

Strictly speaking as your sibling;
Were the gridlocks that rough, Caroline?
I can understand temptation, but don't you think this might've been too much?
Tied up in the rainbow boughs,
Married to the ceiling-post there.
But Caroline you'd never looked so pretty in all your life.
Caroline you'd never looked so nice,
You'd never looked so fine,
You'd never looked so well dressed there.

To Whom it May Concern

Created: Jul 13, 2010


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