The Beast

By MimiMadeline

Love is a curious thing
Clawing at your ankles
Gritting its teeth
Your antics misfired
As you were overcome with greed

Love was deceptive
You craved more and more
Rising, fists in the air
Falling, face on the floor
Oh no why were you no good alone?

Love was redemption
Fixing your only weakness
Releasing two white doves
Transforming into a lonely sickness
What a beast, this love

Love was alluring
Winking a friendly eye
When it was raining, it was a-pouring
Your remixed lovesick lullabye
How sharp it sharpens its teeth

Victimized, you pick up
Love was just a sad hiccup
Slowly as you shut the door
And tell yourself there will be no more
You hear the sound of claws on wood
Remember when we were no good?
Your hand rests on the knob

~The Beast~

The Beast

Created: Jul 13, 2010


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