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Pocket Autopsy

By trekkiepirate

If this had been a film, it would have been shown in split screen:

The first paramedic unzips Sam's jacket to check for wounds.
The second paramedic unzips Sam's bag to check for ID.

Sam watches from across the street, making this observation about his own lifeless body and useless possessions.

The first paramedic searches desperately for a pulse she won't find.
The second paramedic searches desperately for a driver's license he won't find.

They'd make a cute couple, Sam thinks off-hand. Her with dark hair and determined eyes; He with soft brown eyes and dexterous hands.

The first paramedic shakes her head and calls it, “Time of Death: 2:35 a.m.”
The second paramedic shakes his head and calls it, “Homeless teen: John Doe.”

Sam shakes his own head. I have a name, he wants to tell them, knowing he can't. Just because you can't find it doesn't mean it's not there. I don't carry it in my pockets because it's too precious; it's all I have that's only mine anymore.

Pocket Autopsy

Created: Jul 13, 2010


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