Death of Glitter

By trekkiepirate

It was the decade taste forgot,
and tight shirts shimmered
under dim club light.

Suzi Qautro’s crown is made
of leather and King David Bowie
wears the sparkling tiara.

The fans are androgynous in dress, manner,
and sexuality; no one knows which Rebel,
Rebel they’re dancing in the streets with.

The guitars pound a driving beat
that seems to inspire clapping
and tapping and you had better
shimmy with whoever you can find.

People sang their “free love” refrain,
then forgot the names they never
bothered to learn. The love wasn’t free,
but the lust was and came with bargains,
two for the price of one.

Slade took a photograph with one lyric:
“Mama, We’re all crazy now.”

Death of Glitter

Created: Jul 13, 2010


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