Her Pockets

By tori

When she died, they took her things:

necklace, watch & silver rings.

They slid them off with expertise,

then took her wallet, phone & keys.


They put them in a plastic tray,

with her book & body spray,

a pen, a comb, her fake ID,

a pin badge labelled "shop trainee".


They wiped down all the bloody splatters,

then folded up her shattered glasses.

They tucked them in a scrumpled note,

complete with David Bowie quote.


They found a lighter in her jeans,

lipstick, pot and jelly beans.

Last they found the dog-eared letter,

"My death will make your lives much better."

Her Pockets

Created: Jul 12, 2010

Tags: tori, post mortem, possessions, torijwatson, suicide, poem, poetry, autopsy, death

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