Drummer Hodge (text)

By sarahalyse

This is one of my favorite poems, due in part to its being featured in one of my favorite films: The History Boys. Samuel Barnett's reading of it in that film gives me chills, but the poem itself is lovely as well. I'd love to hear someone on hitRECord read it, or create some visual art inspired by its beautiful imagery.

Hardy died in 1928, so it should be well in the public domain.



They throw in Drummer Hodge, to rest
Uncoffined - just as found:
His landmark is a kopje-crest
That breaks the veldt around;
And foreign constellations west
Each night above his mound.


Young Hodge the Drummer never knew -
Fresh from his Wessex home -
The meaning of the broad Karoo,
The Bush, the dusty loam,
And why uprose to nightly view
Strange stars amid the gloam.


Yet portion of that unknown plain
Will Hodge forever be;
His homely Northern breast and brain
Grow to some Southern tree,
And strange-eyed constellations reign
His stars eternally.

Drummer Hodge (text)

Created: Jul 12, 2010

Tags: british, poem, england, poetry, thomas hardy, battle, war, military, english

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