Tags! A Tutorial

By sarahalyse

Marke's post about the new function for tagging your records as text, image, video, etc, reminded me of a topic I've been thinking about every since the new site came online.

I don't know if this problem is universal, but when I add tag words whilst creating my record, they aren't saved, so most of my records have no tags. However, tags are extremely useful, and the more you use them, the more effective hitRECord will be!

Here's a quick tutorial with some suggestions on how to maximize the effectiveness of your tags.

Let's say I'm feeling uninspired, and want to find a record to remix. But there's so gosh-darn-many records on the site, it seems too daunting to browse randomly. Maybe I'm in the mood to hear some music, but I want something acoustic and sort of mellow. If Metaphorest, for example, tagged her song "JCF" with words like "mellow," "acoustic," "guitar," "vocals," and/or "song," searching for some of those words would help me find her awesome song.

All records have a primary tag, that is Video, Image, Audio, or Text. Additional tags can help clarify what kind of image or text the record is, and to help people find it when they're looking for it.
TEXT: Is it an idea or concept for a new project or collaboration? Tag it with idea, concept, or request. Is it a poem, a short story, or song lyrics? Tag it with words like poem, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, lyrics, song, short story, fairy tale, folk tale. Go even further and give some keywords for the contents of the record: diary, travel, Paris, unicorn, monkeys, university, existentialism (I will give a prize to anyone who accurately tags a record with all those words).
IMAGE: Is it a photograph? Digital drawing? Oil painting? A scan of an object? Tell us with tags. Other useful tags for images can describe the content: skyscraper, flower, red, close-up, unicorn, monkeys, existentialism.
VIDEO: Is it animation? Live action? Music video? Or a call to arms for your new collaboration? Helpful tags for video might be stop-motion, live action, request, idea, song, live music, music video.
AUDIO: Is it spoken word? A poem? A song? A whole band, or just you alone? Useful tags might be poem, story, song, music, acoustic, electric, piano, harmony, mellow, loud, rap, country.

Remember: the more tags you use, the more likely it is someone will find your record. Don't be afraid to use different versions of one word (ie: poem/poetry) to cover your bases.

If anyone has other tips or suggestions for this tutorial, please let me know!

Tags! A Tutorial

Created: Jul 12, 2010

Tags: tags, tutorial, explanation, help

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