my purse

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contents includes:

* my bank manager's business card.

* bank cards x 2

* provisional driver's license (I failed my test)

* Fenwick's voucher.

* National Rail pass.

* business card from a random German composer I shared a taxi with at Sundance.

* Tesco clubcard. * National Insurance card.

* Donorcard (I'm donating EVERYTHING when I die!)

* my card to show I've given blood between 5-9 times.

* 1st class stamps.

* Boots loyalty card.

* Discover card (for cheap deals at cultural venues in Newcastle)

* a boarding card for when I went to Bristol last month to visit my brother. (It's in my wallet because I sent my passport away to get renewed a couple of days ago & I had to take it out before posting it off)

* European health card (to help me if I get ill on the continent.)

* leisurewatch card (I got this recently at child protection training.)

* a receipt from a local cafe called Heaton Perk. It sells homemade chai and their receipt says, "HEATON PERK LOVES YOU. CALL AGAIN"

* name badge from Lexy saying "Hello my name is Allumette". This makes me smile EVERY time I see it.

* paper origami crane. (I'm working towards making 1000!)

* annnnndd, £4.75 in change. One of my 20p pieces has an inky smudge.

Created: Jul 12, 2010

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