By karmicintent

she often went there

                                  to think

           to think about stuff

the things that fluff

up in her head

                                 you know

it’s never truly quiet she thinks

even when the moon overhead

                                                                   floats silently across

moss covered nights

painting haunting finger


on crying secret minds


he never really understood

                                             anything about

about her or him or them

damn him

                       she thought

those seamless evenings

where smoke curled and twisted

like babies’ sighs

                    over their heads

I know

              he said

she smiled instead

she didn’t understand



she knows for sure

he will never lead her


we wonder

                 we judge

she thinks

never knowing who

                                                       or what or where

do questions go        and         come

we answer some

as mornings whisper

                  under tunnelled sheets

pungent with candle smoke

it chokes

                       she thinks

in stuttered exclamations

leaning fears

                        that even love

huh                   love

                      will never cure



Created: Oct 10, 2012


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