More Unleashed (very rough)

By andeange

My parents tried so hard to manage me but I am unmanageable so when I turned 16 they had enough and tried to have me committed. They won that round. I was angrier than I had ever been before. I did not go willingly. I fought so hard. I was in a padded sound proof cell in restraints for three months. The doctors there did not know what to do with me know one knew of anyone one with so much rage with no reason for it. I do not know why I am anger just that I am all the time. I can not be anything else nor do I want to be.
Then I met Dr. Larz and he presented me with an opportunity I had been waiting for. He wanted me to get mad. As mad as I could get. He did not want me to hold anything back. After gaining custody of me he brought my to his military lab where he was working on making better, stronger yet more cost friendly soldiers. Dr Larz is a genetic scientist. He had found away to make people feel emotions so intense that they could not stop themselves from acting on them.
This is where I came in. he wanted people to feel as hateful as I did. He wanted me to use my gift to help our country make the world a better place for everyone. I could have cared less about saving the world. All I could here is we are going to make it so that you will be even more able to make people mad and they will not be able to resist. I was sold he gave me my dream of more power. Dr Larz explained that I will no longer have to get angry myself to make people feel my rage I would just have to be near them. So no matter what I did or said they would still feel angry.
I was so excited. I could not wait. I truly could just sit back and watch. This was going to be great fun. I did not care about all the details I was ready to unleash my anger on the world. A few days later after many hours going through tests the time had come for my transformation. I was to be injected with a pheromone enhancer. This makes anyone near me get uncontrollably upset. The more I am near them the worse it gets. I do not put the thoughts there people already have them I just enhance them.
So let’s say a man hates his boss but would never say anything. I sit next to him on the subway for an hour. He smells my pheromone without knowing it for they have no smell. Inside his head there already was anger but now it is so intense he can resist letting it control him. He goes to work and explodes all of it on his boss. See I did not make him I just did not give him a choice. Everyone has anger inside them. I just help it come to fruition. I enjoy watching what happens when people succumb to their inner hate. It brings such purpose to my life.
After my injection I could not wait to use this ability. It was so overwhelming to finally have such power. I never saw Dr. Larz or any normal person ever again with out a gas mask for fear that I would cause complications. I began to wonder why then I had been given this. A week later I was called to the briefing room to meet my team. My team I do not need a team I can do things all by my self I thought and still on occasion think. I thought to myself that no matter who was in there that I was the best. As I walked in and saw Sam, Kyle and Zeke; I now knew that I was the best. Even though I was the youngest and the only girl in the room I had more desire than the rest.
I sat away from the others. I could not wait to see how they would use me. Dr.lrz appeared on the television again for safety reasons. He introduced me to the group. And then explained to me who the others were and why they were here. Sam was here to make people feel sad, lonely and without hope. How lame. Zeke mad people feel intense fear. That’s alright. And lastly Kyle gives people guilt. Whatever. We were to start training as a group and know each of our roles for my first mission was in three weeks. So close but yet so far away. I was still a little sad I was not going alone but everyone must have there place.

More Unleashed (very rough)

Created: Jul 11, 2010


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