Short Movie Idea tentative title: Feeling Real

By WillPrince

Had a short film idea.

Basically a boy who from a early age becomes very talented (have not thought of the talent yet, music, artist?) anyway so he and his family discover how talented he is and he is pretty much brought up with no child hood, just grafting on becoming the best at what he's good at, his family and just him as a person being the reasons. probably because he's happy when he's doing what he's good at, he's never experienced anything else.


I'm gonna say his teenage years, a girl comes into his life and changes everything.
she unlike most girls, gets to know him and he falls for her, he discovers a true happiness and he has emotions he has never experienced before. his talent becomes second in his life, this girl being number one! this causes rifts between family. everyone is dissapointed he has given up on himself, but no one understands deep down he's truly happy. he's found what he's wanted to feel his whole life. and feels...REAL!


She moves on, finds a new boy, he is left heartbroken, empty. he has nothing. his family are down, his talent has fallen. he just wants her back

THATS...all i'v got so far...

Short Movie Idea tentative title: Feeling Real

Created: Jul 11, 2010


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