Love with a (A)ngel

By WillPrince

Basically just a poem or song i wrote while inspired by women. would love to see what someone does with this. a song or dialog perhaps?

he was just a boy
she was a angel
how could he have a chance
and so the story began
whispers of joy
cheering her up
there for her when no one was
she had a love
he just wanted to love
always caught in the friends trap
trying to escape
could he risk it all
one last try for one first kiss
who would have thought it would turn out like this
a few months pass
more than friends was where he wanted to be
she moved on
no longer did she need his love
he felt betrayed
the world was cold
amongst the crowd
her face stood still
remembering those moments
he could never forget
nights with a angel
mistakes and regret
she spread those wings and flew away
the thought of losing her crushed his soul
her smile blessed him with happiness
he soon came to see
a date with destiny set him free
friends it was
with the angel of his dreams
turns out she wasn't a angel
just the perfect girl
that taught him to love
to love what he has
and grow from the losses
in life we can only get stronger
and so the story goes...

Love with a (A)ngel

Created: Jul 11, 2010


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