Daily Baggage

By sarahalyse

I tend to have one set of jewelry I wear every day, slowly cycling out different pieces over months or years. I don't really feel dressed without it. I'm including this in the Pocket Autopsy album because of Marke's addition of the word "baggage," which made me think of all the things I carry with me every day.

The pendant was purchased in Jerusalem: the shape is a hand warding against evil, with the center piece shaped like Israel. The chain broke, so I jerry-rigged this fitting myself.

The skulls were 99 cents at a local novelty store. They accompany a bit of red and black-striped fabric tied around my right wrist, which I couldn't get off without cutting.

The leather cuff was a birthday gift from my sister.

The glasses are new. I rather like them.

The earrings are 10g. I keep thinking about going up to 8, but then I'd have to replace these.

Daily Baggage

Created: Jul 11, 2010

Tags: jewelry, eyeglasses, scan, earrings, glasses, necklace

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