<3 Bloemday - Claymation Music Video

By shadow88storm

This is my full claymation music video dedicated to bloemday (sigh)
I did this stop motions a few years back using my Sony DVX-1000 and some plasticine clay. Originally entitled "The Chicken Road" - I've renamed it <3 Bloemday

This has a very important message about being chicken when it comes to love -and- how ingenuity and eating beans can overcome all obstacles.

Brace yourselves :) Lyrics listed below


Well there's a joke that's as old as can be,
But it's a question that's been puzzling me
Why does a chicken - cross the road?

While the clock sings his tick-tick-tock,
A little chickie's somewhere waiting for her cock,
And all I need is...
Just to cross that road.

Standin' at the roadside,
I'm only thinkin' 'bout the hearse.
But if I don't cross that traffic,
My loneliness will be much worse.

So I must be brave and strong and be true,
And find a way to make it over next to you
There's no solution,
But to cross the road

Every single step I take,
Well my knees they start to shake
And if the others knock me down,
I'll hit the pavement without a sound

I've got an idea it's a clever one too,
How I can get myself across the road to you
Don't hold your breath now...
But you should hold your nose

This time I did it yes it worked,
And we'll never be apart.
Except this feeling in my stomach...
Makes me wanna cut a great big fart

Here's a lesson for all of you,
Beano is best before your vegetable are through...

Take this suggestion...
Not indigestion...
or flatulation...

Just one pill will do.

<3 Bloemday - Claymation Music Video

Created: Jul 11, 2010


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