what a day for a daydream.

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one day he granted himself a momentary day of freedom.
so he skipped
and ran
and hopped
with all of his might up a hill he always wished to trod.
as he trekked he fell and made grass stains of his jeans.
He stood then rolled down
and saw the shredded mess of his plain white t that had fought and lost with the small rocks.
he refused to settle into the uneasy feelings and ripped off his tee
leaving everything that held him down behind.
and he continued his monstrous trail.
he whistled which swayed the blue birds in the sky to follow him from behind.
they picked leaves off his hair and he picked strawberries off the trees
while the bushes whizzed right by his wandering eyes.
the wind desperately tried the make him regret leaving his mess of a shirt behind
but he stood tall
"mind over matter silly wind
for I am exceedingly hot and your presence is well embraced in my life."
the wind grew to understand him and left him alone for he was now the wind's friend.
the top of the hill was clear with his delights and goals
a light he saw.
he climbed and outreached
he achieved.
there was no ribbon to be crossed
no celebration of eyes
for it was him
and him alone
on his momentary day of freedom.

Created: Jul 11, 2010


ashleyactually Document Media