mad man

By ruffedges

there once was a man
he went mad
he decided to do something bad
the bad thing he did was really quite silly
although his cares were willy nilly
he opened his mouth and climbed inside
hoping to find a place to hide
the place he found was dark, wet and cold
he sat there counting until he was old
at two hundred and seven he was ninety three
so he ventured forth to peruse what he could see
what he saw scared him greatly
the gate to a house that looked quite stately
the gates swung forward to let him enter
and slumped in the middle right in the centre
was it himself he saw he couldn’t remember?
a burnt out corpse alight by only an ember
he edged nearer to regard it better
in the carcass' hand was held a letter
he opened in haste for an explanation
what he read filled him with elation
for it was not himself that he had just found
lying charred in ruin upon the ground
but the perception of time that had passed him by
as he sat in his mouth waiting to die
from that point on he vowed to return
to impart what it was he came to learn
back to the living he had to go
for only in company could he truly grow

mad man

Created: Jul 11, 2010


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