By ianclay

Shot on the Canon 7D

Starring Leah Myette, Directed by Ian Clay

Music by Jane Vain

This film is a loose narrative portraying the daily grind of a homeless girl. As you watch, in case you are as competitive as my fiance and I are, here are the spontaneous-in-the-field-shot-ideas:

Leah: graffiti walk, party store walk, toothbrush bit, razor wire, old-man-water-share, trolley.

Ian: Water fountain, sandwich-dumpster-find, overpass tracking shots, street-close-ups, bench-sleep-dolly, razor-wire-rack.

Leah doesn't think we should share the barbed wire, but it was my call for the rack focus:)

This film was shot, edited, and uploaded in one day.


Created: Jul 11, 2010


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