For a name without letters.

By dawnofdusk

Love is only a gamble; I fold
my hands across my lap
And stare into the darkness overhead
for just one answer.

Behind me, the battle rages on.
Rains beat upon my window,
And the shadows upon my wall
are bleeding black.

I fumble amongst the sheets
but there will be no sleep tonight,
just a prayer that life so far
has been an elaborate dream.

That you haven't truly left me,
that these lies are truths oncemore,
and that I won't wake up this morning
all alone again.

The stars may never show this eve
to keep the silver lining
shining. I wait for someone to come along
and close these tired eyes.

And the leaves whisper your name,
but it is never off my mind,
I'll sleepwalk the whole world backwards
to find your lips pressed close to mine

For a name without letters.

Created: Jul 10, 2010


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