quit unrequited.

By ashleyactually

she lays in her bed with her dampered fantasies. Lay awoke in disbelief of the realness her dreams had sung to her. She dreamed of him and his dense arms surrounding her like a deep cave encaved by the night. She sat up due to the strain of sadness her back propelled into pain. Looked beyond the light tracings of the branches outside her window. Good riddance she begged to the moon that hung like a silhouette. She wanted an escape route but alas the expedition was not yet over. Her tears halted in the tracks of embarrassment and pity she felt clogged. Laying with great movements hitting her at every five minutes she could not sleep. In her bed she lay awake filled with dreams she wish she could make real. Wanting to escape to different lives she concocted. On her top shelf contained a variety of items that reminded her of him. Nostalgia came as she strung herself up to touch upon them. Shivered at the very memory of them. He wasn't hers. Will never. She screamed at him, yelling. Stop making me laugh you idiotic fool, can you not see I burn without you? You set fire to anothers' heart, leave me be. But she knew she would not like that at all. He pollinated every nerve in her testy heart. She muttered wisply. This is dedicated to you. Listen before I forget.

quit unrequited.

Created: Jul 10, 2010


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