what if...

By ashleyactually

instead of talking being our average way of communication,
when we awaken our mouths to stretch out our thoughts, sweet melodies formed.
we sang instead of spoke.
every insinuation, every enunciation had an inflection of tune and harmony.
It would be passe knowledge, that singing was the consequence of symbiotic language.
conserving only the best lullabies that has stuck with us and turning away from soured-keyed notes of pessimists.
instead, our entertainment would be those of who could be immune to the injustice of song.
the monotone voices would be our sanctuary and personal survival god, on a day to day basis.
we will cling to their bare beats and breaths that survives with the dull voice that appeals to the masses.
It would be considered talented in the linguistics that bend the semantics in our made up schematics.
oh how beautiful the pragmatics will be.
along with the onomatopoeia, it will be as lustful as dead beat poetry.
spoken word will be everywhere
music considered the norms of hearsay society.
frowned upon the ever-revolting teens of heart's youth.
they will blast the talk through their stereos,
all around, parental figures will have conflicts with what.
talk will be a representation while music will be the presentation.

what if...

Created: Jul 10, 2010


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