HR Intro (Incomplete / See Caption)

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Hey guys, here's my INCOMPLETE version of the Intro REmix. I don't normally like to put up anything not finished, but this is an exception.

I've REmixed about halfway through (to around the 1:30 mark.) And some of the edits still need sounds, music, effects, etc. Also some of the visuals need to have zoom-ins added and other quirky touches.

Just wanted to put this version out there.

I've REsourced all the others who have worked on this so we can pool ideas together and continue mastering this! :)

***NOTE*** One thing I feel super strongly about though is the way I cut the transition from HarperHippie's hand-into-the-camera shot to Joe's face. I took out the frames of black because I think it works best to go from the hand to Joe. The other way just doesn't feel right to me so I just wanted to mention that in here. :)

Created: Jul 10, 2010


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