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(I can't stay away from HitRECord for a long time so this really doesn't count as a hiatus from my internet hiatus. And I was going to make this a video, but my camera died on me and I haven't bought a new one, so I figured I'd just write it down and maybe somebody else could make a video.)

Joe said it simply and perfectly in "What is HitRECord?", but I think there's something very important that hasn't been said yet, so I've decided to point it out.

A lof ot people believe that to make things like what we do around here, videos or text RECords or songs, readings or pictures, one needs to have talent to do so. And they are right, but one does not just need talent or skills, there's also a high level of imagination put into our work.

When you think about it, the whole idea of HitRECord started out as a thought in Joe's mind, in his imagination, and he imagined that maybe one day he'll be able to -somehow- turn it into something bigger. And for that he got Dan to help him and they set up a very simple web page. Look where we've evolved now! Look how beautiful our new layout is! And, in turn, this layout came from Joe and Marke's imagination and anyone else who worked with them to make it happen.

Yes, they do have the skills to actually get it done, but skills are learned and talent is developed. Still, without imagination, nothing could ever exist.

Another good example is actually myself. I'm kind of a little famous around here for writing a piece called Train Now Leaving (which was actually called I'm On A Train, but Joe changed the name for another one way catchy and easier to remember). That piece, the whole story, came out of my imagination, and it was hard for me to write it because it was meant to be a love letter dedicated to somebody in particular, and I've never been in love. Believe it or not, but it's the truth. So I just had this idea in my head and I started writing. It turned out to be one of the best letters in the class, and what more can I say about what happened here that I hadn't said before.

Imagination, my darlings, a single thought can allow such an amazing community to exist. A simple word can make you write a beautiful tiny story. And, if you don't have the words to describe something, go ahead and make them up! Nobody says you can't do it. The only thing you can't do here is upload something that's not original, or that's copyrighted. But otherwise, share it.

Like The Beatles used the word "Love" like three hundred times in all their songs, one of the words we use just that much here is "Collaboration". That's how we work, how we do things. If you don't know how to edit a video, there's a ton of video editors who can help you. What's good about it is that eventually there will be a few different versions of a certain video, and you can use that to create something else. That's what we call a REmix. If you have this song but don't really play any instruments, there's also a ton of musicians here, and they all play different kinds of instruments. I think a perfect example of this, of music created here, is the HitRECorchestra, and the music made for Morgan. The same goes in the case you have a story, or a picture, or lyrics, or a poem, or... anything! The first thing you have to do is write it down, make a draft, so that you won't forget about it. It's a terrible thing to have an idea and then forget it! After that, share it with us, and we'll hit the heart on it.

Imagination! It is indeed a very important piece in this puzzle, and we encourage the use of it.

Created: Jul 09, 2010


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