The Futility Of Smoke Signals

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It seems as if everyone here has kept their mouths shut for so long And then I realize that I am alone in the dark, watching myself wither away Like a million little ants scurrying away from fire, my cells are dispersing Trying to get away from the rain and the sleet, the cold and the snow I am at my own ending. Where god is behind the curtains, pulling levers The stage is falling through into the basement where I will stay And the woods are crawling up my heels, petrifying my skin like stone - This is as alarming as any unforeseen death could be, just as panicking I felt the trees looming over the clearing while they watched me sleep You were so far away, somewhere else in the world, safe in your bed And I miss the smell of the cement, the touch of anything artificial Whatever the price, I will try to find my way back, even if it kills me Because the cost is so much less than the reward - Both of my lungs are filling up with water, drowning out the sound Of an endless ocean that has been after me since the beginning Everything this world holds has begun to wrap around my heart And the beats are few and far between, it's all slowing down The end is never pretty without you there to pull me out Finding skeletons with their hands laying at the edge of the forest Dead and rotting compasses trying to reach as far north as they could - How do you move with the kind of grace only the divine inherit? Why does it seem like you are growing wings behind your back? This is all a dream and it feels to me like I am the only one in it A life built upon the bodies of a thousand men who were there before me And that grace, that divinity, is slowly trickling out into the highway Where it boils and evaporates with the heat from the devil's sun Everything good gets beaten and broken with the morning I am so far from anything that I will never make it alive, never see the sky - Who could find this smoke signal through the night and the clouds? I know no one will ever see me again and no one will know That I tried my hardest to make my way back home And that my only hope for you traveled wherever the wind would blow

Created: Jul 09, 2010


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