By ghophantom06

I gaze upon you...

And see the marvel that you hold within you...



I let the words of the sounds of the Zippo lighter form in my head as I watch your life come and go before my eyes.

The prison you're held within is beyond compare.

Advanced beyond its time, and brings me joy every time I touch it.

So cold...

And smooth...

And formed by the guidence your unmerciful hands.

I love to watch as you come out to play...

You represent so many things in life...

The beginning of everything, and the end of existence...

The creation of the world, and the destruction of mankind...

The start of a romance, and the finale of a bitter breakup...

You want a friend?

Or is it an enemy that you long for?

Or would it be something that you would like to force your power upon?

I can read you...

And you want to be the master.

You want to dominate over something.

I give you a friend of mine...

A poem once filled with the dreams and hopes for the future.

The poem crumbles under your touch, dominated by your power.

It slowly disappears, and you ask me for more.

I give you poems with the past, and the youth of one.

You are much too powerful for them, and overwhelm them instantly.

I want to become your master.

I want to control you.

I burn the poems of the present, and in your rage...

You turn on me.

I cast you away.

"How dare you do that to your master!!"

Your rage will not be controled, and you show me who the true master is...

By trapping me inside of the walls that you are currently dominating.

I know your plan...

You plan to scare me.

You want to show me that you are the master.

You want to punish me for saying that I control you.

I will not back down!!

I will look you in the eye and show you that I am the master!!

In your rage, you close in on me and try to scare me with your anger.

I can feel my body wanting to submit to you, shaking in fear;

Wanting to shut itself down and bow, and acknowledge you as the master.

But my mind is set.

"I will not bow to you!!"

You harm me for my defiance, and I continue to stare at you.

You laugh as you see my eyes quivering in fear,

Revealing the true intentions of my body, but not my mind.

You harm me more, and finally I submit to you...

I fall to my knees and bow to you.

My head is lowered as my eyes take one last glance upon you...

Before the darkness consumes them.

I am your slave.

You are my master.

And you hold my fate in your hands for my defiance...


Created: Jul 08, 2010


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