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The longer they hate me, the quicker they love me.

If I think I'm pretty, they think I'm ugly.

I'm feeling alone, but they won't hug me.

I see through their faces, man they don't love me.

Mama used to say I was cute.

Now I'm dismissed like Blacks playing the lute.

What happened with the truth?

It got lost like a loose tooth.

Where is the love,

Now that mom's gone above?

What you call love

Isn't pure like a dove.

All I see is hate.

This corruption built up to this date.

No wonder you have no mate.

Is this really our fate?

What heart do you claim?

Is this your climb to fame?

Why do you play this game?

What is your real name?

My words sound scattered?

The truth, far from battered,

The rain pitter pattered

To your evil chatter.

What can we do

With someone like you?

You want the truth?

We want your money, not you.

Created: Jul 08, 2010


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