By RedrustedHat

Money Money Money

Sure makes people funny

It makes the sun sunny

It puts food in your tummy

We'll fight for it until we're broken down and bloody

It will have you running and tumbling

It all just comes down to greed and we're implanted with that as a seed

We grow up and realize it's a disease

That's not what we need

To reach happiness that is not the key

Thats not what it takes to succeed

Climb a tree, be a kid again, just realize your FREE!

We all want to be first but does it matter when your in the dirt

Does it matter that you hurt her or you hurt him, the whole point is you want to win

Money should be a sin

Thrown away and never thought of again

The end.
haha Im really not a hippie, I just hate being broke


Created: Jul 08, 2010


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