Three Winter Sundays

By GaryHamrick

Three Winter Sundays (January-February, 1999) By: Gary Hamrick Jr.

Mall opens at 1pm on Sundays. We are for business at noon and earlier if I am opening. It gives me a chance to sit down, drink coffee and listen to tales. I get in early enough, that I have drunk a half a pot by 11:30. The gate is open and it never fails that someone happens to show up way too early for business.

This man came in for coffee and to share with me his story, rather I was interested or not. I had little better to do so I listened for a bit. He told of his past afflictions and how he was now strugglin to catch up. Reading high school classics and wearing a scarlet letter of his own design.

Jan's daughter came to me for a mocha with the saddest of suspicions for a young wife. . . Said I would lend both my ear and shoulder if she was right. Stella is cool but I have to be honest, I hope for her kid's sake, the suspicions are unwarranted.

Christie arrives early and she's got a new dilemma . . . Seems her best friend Traci was drunk or joking when they kissed on the lips. Traci has been dating Bobby two Septembers though and he saw the whole affair. On the surface, both say there is no problem with their relationship.

Closing time isn't like any song on the radio, its hurry up . . . let's get out of here. Gotta be home to watch 60 Minutes and the X-Files.

Three Winter Sundays

Created: Oct 02, 2012

Tags: spoken word, days, poetry

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