By GaryHamrick


By: Gary Hamrick Jr.

Greg came to me one Monday night and said, "I need a favor!" He would have never asked me but knew I would agree to do it this once. Knew what it'd meant to him, so I agreed when it came time.

On Tuesday I drove east of here and eventually got to Angel's place. Stayed there for the day and got drunk on her uncle's homemade wine. We spent the evening reminiscing about the old days.

She agreed to help with the task I had been given. Convinced her that she owed it to an old friend and while she was there she could try to do some surfing. Left early Wednesday morning for the coast.

Angel came here from California, arrived here 89, met on a Thursday, I remember this clearly for the silliest of reasons. She was a surfer girl from the coast and a pretty good singer. Not a bad dancer, either.

We headed down to the ocean side at dawn - Friday morning. The waves crashed like whiplash, there was a storm coming in soon. The wind blew Angel's hair as she enjoyed a slight taste of her treasured memories.

Memories? We both remembered. How could we forget something like that. We always said, "Nothing like that would happen to us." The usual lies that teenagers tell them themselves as they recover on Saturday mornings.

It happened though, between the night and Sunday morning. Angel cried as she watched me sail Gregory's ashes into the sea. A final wish granted, to wash away the bitterness of the end. The ocean has mind of its own I'm told.

Now, it has a heart and soul as well.


Created: Oct 02, 2012

Tags: spoken word, poetry, days

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