By MattConley

What does a walk down the block feel like to you?


Created: Jul 07, 2010

Tags: sidewalk, walk, new mexico, stroll, perspective, urban, pavement, city, reflection, sun, blur, shadows, window, silhouette, booze, color, building, colors, businesses, light, foot, feet, footage, pov, shoes, grainy, beauty, town, windows, sunlight, sign, remix, sunshine, voice, stop, voiceover, car, audio, focus, song, hell, sample, drunk, tree, static, trees, reflect, p.o.v., street, ray, mix, dark, shadow, life, drum, love, lines, great, walking, beautiful, drink, handheld, couple, camcorder, fuzzy, b-roll, drinks, traffic, signs, b roll, out of focus, buildings, grain, heaven, experimental, beat

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