I want to hitRECord

By Topher

I want to hitRECord
But nothings in my head
So I grab my cigs and jump out of bed.
I wander down the stairs and out the back door
Take a seat and light up one more.
I want to quit and just let it go
But the with the stress of my life it just helps me flow.
There are so many ideas running through my mind
I hope that I can catch one and then leave it behind.
If I can just grab hold and not let go
Even for one second then maybe I might know
Just what it is I need to do.
I argue with my self is a god really there
Or maybe its not a god but just a bunch of air.
I miss the body that once shared my bed at night
It was nice to have even after a fight.
These are some of the thoughts
Flying round my head
I just want to let them go so I can go to bed.
I want to hitRECord
To be artistic like my brother is
But maybe thats just not for me to be
Something that's just his.
He paints draws and play guitar as well
But sometimes I wonder if thats his personal hell.
Maybe it's a burden to have it all in you
And never quite get it out the way you want it to.
I wonder how my sister is
She's so very far away
I should just call Gwendall I know he'll come out and play.
Still I sit here rambling
Wondering if it's time
Also wondering why all my poems have to rhyme?
I didn't make much money tonight
Most of my tables were jerks
But I figure with the economy so bad that this is how it works.
My thought are flying around challenging me to catch one
Maybe I'll just let them be
It could be more fun.
But if you really knew me that's not what I'll do
But I may eventually catch one maybe even two.
Well this rhyming is starting to get on my nerves
And if your reading this maybe yours too.
Maybe later I'll hitRECord
With something original and new.

I want to hitRECord

Created: Mar 11, 2009


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