By andeange

My name is Andi and I have an anger problem. My anger has started wars, destroyed cities and killed millions of people. I have no problem unleashing it. I do not regret my decisions. In fact I enjoy making others feel my rage. I have always been angry even as a child. However I do not blame my parents they were just like every other set of parents. They loved me, but I so hated them. They thought that if they loved me more that I would not be mad all the time. I saw counselors, therapist, shrinks. I saw everyone under the sun. They tried to fix me but I so enjoyed being angry. They more they tried to fix me the worse it got. I did not want to be fixed.

This was a game to me. I wanted them to feel my rage. Needless to say I always won. I do not like people telling me that there is something wrong with me. That no one should be mad all the time. I chose to think I was born this way and should not mess with my fate. I have to say that I do not personally hurt people. In other words I am not violent. However I do scream and yell and do what ever it takes to make you just as furious as me. That is my goal to make you feel like me. So emotional and verbal abuse was my life.


Created: Jul 05, 2010


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