tiny stories the old man told me

By moonbug

the old man had seen so much
he couldn’t remember
he lit his pipe and saw his soul
in the burning ember
and it seemed now his shadow was his closest friend

his hands were cold
but there was fire in his eyes
and every time i’d see him
they would light up with delight
he’d say sit down and let me tell you a tiny story

the other day the tap was dripping
and the drops were in a race
the clock had tripped while it was ticking
so now time was out of place
but who needs to live by a clock when you’re my age?

i knew a gravy boat once
who dreamed of expeditions
and a pickle fork
who was a stickler for tradition
and if he ever got stuck into the wrong thing he’d fly into a rage!

there was a pair of ice cubes
who were always stuck together
and an old pair of shoes
each one was faster than the other!
and you might think i’m lying about this one but i’m not

first the ant had quite
an unusual proposal
then the fork took issue
with the garbage disposal
and the coffee maker forgot to wait for the coffee pot!

there was a poor dustbin 
who couldn’t get a word in
every time he tried
someone always threw dirt in
he said one of these days they’re gonna hear to what i have to say!

there was a shooting star who wanted
just one wish granted
and a sad little flower
who didn’t like where he was planted
he said, if i had my way i’d take over the world today!

there was a bicycle
who was tired of always being locked up
and an old blackboard
who had it all chalked up
he said life is nothing more than a crazy numbers game

the little snow globe
thought his life was over
when he got knocked over
onto his shoulder
he was sure things would never ever be the same

there was a yo-yo who thought
his job was too demanding
and an umbrella stand
who was very tired of standing
and a spun-out top who talked a lot about his days with the string

there was a thumb who grew tired 
of always playing opposition
and a pinky toe who longed 
for a better position
but sometimes you have to sing the song you were meant to sing

you can’t spend all your time
thinkin’ ‘bout what you haven’t got
or wishing you’d gotten
a better spot
because before you know it you’ve reached the end of the game!

take a lesson from
the little bonsai tree
she was still a bit afraid
of the outside trees
she said I could have been big but I like who I am, just the same!

a kangaroo who couldn’t hop 
bought a pogo stick
and the tired old dog 
learned a brand new trick
you’d be surprised what can happen when you give a dog a bone

the little house thought the skyscrapers
were impressive and bold
but they wished they had the things
that only little houses hold
sometimes you’re looking everywhere and then you find that you’re already home

the tire swing was
a fairly patient guy
but when the rope finally broke
he said, it’s my turn to fly!
and the sky would always be the sky no matter what shade it decided to be

it was a big day
for the little cloud
the bolt of lightning
made him very proud
you know, only you can make happy endings!

the room lit up 
with a sudden glow
as the birthday cake made 
its presence known
and we clapped and we cheered and we all began to sing

when he opened my gift
he raised his head and smiled
it was all the tiny stories
he told me as a child
i said, i remembered them all, i never missed a thing!

he said, i have to open 
this book very slowly
because the words spin around now
don’t believe me? i can show you!
i gave him a look and he said, when have i ever been wrong?

when he blew out the candles
he was all out of wishes
he said, they’ve all come true
this is as good as it gets
and i knew my big brother was telling the truth all along

tiny stories the old man told me

Created: Jul 05, 2010


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