By Shernan6

I don't know if I am posting these up right. I need some sort of turtorial or something. :/ Anyways it would be nice if someone wants to help me animate my poems. :D Here is another poem.

Achoo Achoo Haiku

I want to write a haiku

but I don’t know how

and the words I want to say

are stuck

in my throat

and they won’t

come out

until I write a goddamned haiku

and even if they do come out

they will only be words

that come out when

you least expect them

the fucks get caught in your throat

trying to gurgle back the yous

they rot the flesh around the mouth

so even if I were to write a haiku

it would only make my throat


for more

and would remind me

if I could

write a haiku

I would.


Created: Jul 04, 2010


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