Astrolabe to the Sea

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Astrolabe to the Sea
She sat at her vanity desk, painting her lips scarlet, eyes fixated on
the porcelain Virgin Mary,
whose ashen arms were cracked,
whose eyes, at first astute and non-judging, became black coals.
“So Laura…I fucked your husband”
No. No. I can’t tell her like that.

It was her casual nature that got her into this mess.
Something inside her howled with frustration. A guilt she has never known before.
“So what if I slept with your husband? You know, I never had a father …”
Maybe I shouldn’t say anything at all?

She closed her eyes and imagined she was at sea
bound to a small boat, clearly alone, surrounded by the waves,
with the promise of a life unknown, where even the stars could not discover her.
She opened her eyes and
the Virgin stared back.

Created: Jul 04, 2010


Shernan6 Document Media