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Yesterday was my mom's birthday. She passed away 20 years ago, but I still have lots of good memories. She introduced me to a lot of cool music, so I decided to spend part of my day listening to music I remembered her liking a lot like Elvis Costello, The Pogues, and The Smithereens. She took me to some really amazing concerts including The Sugarcubes when I was thirteen, and shortly before she passed The Jesus and Mary Chain w/ Nine Inch Nails when I was fifteen. We also used to rent a lot of independent films and watch them together - off the top of my head some of the ones I remember are Housekeeping, High Tide, The Lady in White, The Prince of Pennsylvania, and Dogs in Space. She was awesome and I'm thankful to her for being a positive influence on me and encouraging me to be creative. Thanks <3

Created: Jul 04, 2010


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