By rachelb

The Ocean's TOO big! The Ocean's TOO vast!

I was trying to get to the other side too FAST!

Now it's TOO LATE and I wish instead, I'd stayed in the River...
then I might NOT be DEAD.

But this Ocean, it's gonna DO ME IN!

(so notify my next of kin).

This Little Red Canoe thought it could DO

As much as a Steam LIner, or 2!!

But we've already got 3 leaks, maybe 4.

It's only a matter of time...

Settle the Score? I DARE you to!!

Going Down with a FIGHT

Waving a White Flag of PEACE.

This Peace doesn't feel like Ease....

Turn OFF the Button. Turn OFF the LIght!


In the Morning, we'll SaIL the Ocean Blue!

What FUN we'll HAVE!




Created: Jul 03, 2010


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