Human Solar Panels

By Rhemam

So this song was inspired by the movie Sunshine, which is a film set in the future where our sun is dying and a group of astronauts set out to "re-ignite" the sun with a huge atomic blast of some sort.

I love the idea of trying to portray something as powerful as the sun in film. It's impossible for us to even imagine, but there's some spirit in man that always will try and try and try.

This instrumental piece was an attempt at the same idea, but through my reaction to the film, and I feel it failed, but it turns out to be a success in the sense that I tried. The last guitar part of the song is the same riff you hear within all those eerie celestial melodies for the first part of the represents the face behind the mask of expression.

Human Solar Panels

Created: Jul 02, 2010


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