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The Kick (Inception Rap)

By MattConley

A rap verse based on "Inception" put to the third section of phonontek's "Ain't Nuthin'" beat. Blast this in your system until your neighbors call the police. See if you can catch some of the references to the movie and its characters. Lyrics are in a separate RECord and REsourced below.

The Kick (Inception Rap)

Created: Jul 02, 2010

Tags: rhyme, vocal, school, vocals, steal, hip-hop, membrane, word, sound effects, song, john lithgow, music, like, lyrics, adaptation, rhythm, release, christopher nolan, begins, characters, inception, fiction, enter, michael caine, dream doc, ellen page, thief, heist, mind, mind's, take, audio, press, rule, thieves, area, train, hysteria, ken watanabe, vest, tom berenger, lane, bell, religion, hip hop, beat, rap, stealing, recess, rapper, rhymes, rapping, batman, verse, frank nitti, sounds, words, past, similes, memory, based, memories, instrumental, gun, derringer, movie, soundtrack, inspired, hardcore, ra's al ghul, pressed, theft, leonardo di caprio, brain, dream

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