To Comment In Your Conversation

By EriNelaineXXII

Help! I feel tragic! My love, this is epic.
I am speechless. Whilst others, write their hearts, so seamless.
Quieted in a mass storm of people, shouting. My tears overflow, pressure mounting.
I can NOT figure out how to comment in this conversation. I've already convinced myself that my computer is beyond devastation.
Just simply not loading up the entire contents of the webpage. I would have thought I have learned more at this age.
I do not want to believe that there's a broken link in the web-structure that permits me to speak without my heart and no less my wits.
I see everyone else having no problems with this issue, nor making comments on this matter.
Is it because I'm not using a MAC? *Shocked awe’s boom to silence a room of chatter...*
What shall I do? I feel mad as a hatter.
Please tell me, and soon! For nothing in this world could make me feel sadder, than to know that my voice in this world simply does not matter?

Email me if you have an answer.
Sincerely, and thank you.

Again, by heart, he said and I dreamed that I could click, to inform him on this matter.

- That's all she wrote...
EriN Elaine XXII

To Comment In Your Conversation

Created: Jul 02, 2010


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