do i regret..

By givarya


do i
regret the moment in which a soul is comforted
regret the caressing of sight by a play of sounds
regret the moment in which all is given up for a dance
regret the caressing of ears by a song of colors

the moment - gone
caress is but a memory
dance just another illusion
a moment; just a moment

do i
regret a touch
regret a fragrant
regret a moment
regret a m o m e n t

the emptiness has a weight
and the hallow chambers within heart
have a weight
the weight of the empty

perhaps an illusion
perhaps dance of the dead
perhaps cry of the lost

do i
regret the sunshine in the morning after
regret the taste of eternity in a cheap soup
regret rising of the of the sun and wishing it not
regret resting in an illusion

the sunshine burns
the soup - essence of the dead
the rising of the sun - inevitable
and the rest: an illusion

the steps not of a dance
the sound not of a sigh
the colors not of a rainbow

a dancer never counts the steps

do i regret..

Created: Jul 02, 2010


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