Garden of Eve

By MissRye

Gospel of Eve
(The Tree of Lovers)
Edenia sat on the roof, staring out at the smog over the city though her goggles, the only thing protecting her eyes from the deadly atmosphere. Her gas mask filtered the poisonous air with every breath she took. It was a few seasons old, but none of the girls could afford to keep up with the latest Haven fashion. She could hear the Preachers below, mechanically reciting Verse all over the city,
“*crackle* And God gave us his only Sun, so that we may not die, but live in Haven *crackle*”
Edenia leaned back as far as she could and looked up. If the light was right and the wind blew the smog, one could catch a glimpse of Haven, the palace in the sky, the only escape from this hellhole. The wealthy could buy a ticket from the Priests, but everyone else had to earn Grace. Edenia looked down to check the metal Chastity (DESCRIPTION) locked securely around her waist. She only had 120 Grace. At this rate, she’d never get to Haven. Her Chastity measured everything she put into her body and every thought she ever had. If you were pious enough, the Priests would take you to haven. Only one person she knew had ever been Taken. Sister Agatha. Fucking bitch, she thought. Edenia looked down at her Chastity and groaned. 118. Edenia took a cleansing breath and composed her features into an expression befitting a pure, young girl of the Sister’ Institution of Nurturing. This boardinghouse/orphanage/prison ruled with an iron fist, but it was the only thing that kept her off the street. I guess I should be thankful, Edenia thought as she climbed back though the air seal, into the attic and down the stairs. All thoughts of gratitude died as she felt someone burning holes into the back of her head. She turned and there was the Senior Sister. The woman loomed over everyone. Her features were sharp and birdlike. Her eyebrows knitted together like an angry, furry seagull. The Senior Sister was much too well disciplined to let any hair beak out of her habit, but all the girls knew she was ancient from the crow feet around her eyes, and those grey, wiry, expressive eyebrows.
“Sisterette, shouldn’t you be working on your Sunday chores?” the Senior Sister asked, the words dripping from her lips like venom.
“Of course, Senior Sister. I was just taking a moment of prayer, before I moved onto my next task,” Edenia replied smoothly. The benefit of constantly schooling one’s emotions was that lying came very easily. The Senior Sister glared at her suspiciously, but turned and walked off just as Lilith approached, her face perfectly serene, but Edenia could see the mischievous twinkle in her eye. Lilith was at the top of their class, most likely to get into Haven, but Edenia knew better. Lilith had an impish side, too. She wore her hair down any chance she got. Her collection of forbidden cosmetics was amazing. Edania and Lilith snuck out onto the roof any chance they got. Once Lilith told Edenia her secret. “Just don’t feel guilty. The only way the Chastity can measure your actions is by how guilty you feel,” she said with a sly smile.
“What grains of wisdom was the Senior Sister imparting on you?” Lilith asked, her melodic voice ringing out through the empty hallway.
Edenia glanced over to her friend. “She was just reminding me what I should be doing right now.” Lilith laughed gaily. She was the only girl who could pull off the drab, Puritan dresses. The long gray sleeves and high collar made her look elegant instead of insect-like. Her Chastity was slung low around her hips, accentuating her curves. Dark hair contrasted with fair skin to give Lilith a beautiful glowing look. She was beautiful. Edenia smiled sadly; with her dark skin and curly, untamable hair, she would never be as gorgeous as Lilith.
Lilith smiled back, oblivious to the envy in Edenia’s eyes, and linked arms with her, the two heading off to the washroom to help with the laundry.
Life at the Sisters’ Institute was rather predictable. The girls got up before the light, an hour of silent prayer, a light breakfast of burnt gruel, then chores or classes until lunch. Lunch alternated between stale peanut butter and jelly, or burnt grilled cheese-alternative sandwiches. After that, the Sisters held service in the old, ill-repaired, constantly-freezing church, class or chores, then dinner of watered down soup. Another hour of silent prayer, and then bed. Sneaking out was hard, but not impossible, especially if you went up, instead of down to the rest of the city. Edenia often found herself on the roof during sleepless nights, trying to find a star amongst the low-flying aero crafts. Edenia had nightmares, about broken things and people, and fire. Lots and lots of fire. The only thing that could clear her mind was getting out of the house, and up onto the roof. Edenia had heard rumors about a time where the air was pure, and the people could walk around outside without fear of contamination.
Tonight, she was on the roof, hoping for a fresh breeze to sweep way the haunting dream, when Lilith crawled through the air seal.
“Hey,” she said, her voice distorted by the gas mask as she sat down next to Edenia. “Was it the dream again?”
Edenia just nodded, her arm brushing against Lilith’s through the rough cloth. Lilith turned to look at Edenia with eyes full of questions. She looked unsure, Edenia realized. Lilith, the girl who was always in control, was unsure. But the moment passed, and Lilith had her usual confidant look, just on the edge of cocky.
“Come on,” she said, “I wanna show you something.”
The two crawled through the air seal, and back to the sleeping hall. Lilith motioned for Edenia to wait outside as she slipped through the door. She was back in a nano, with a bag slung over her shoulder, one finger pressed to her lips. Edenia followed as Lilith slinked down the stairs, turned down corridor, and then another, and another, until they were in a completely unfamiliar hall. Lilith, as always, knew exactly where she was going. Finally, in a dusty, corridor in ill-repair, Lilith stopped, and slipped inside a door Edenia hadn’t even see under all the grime. She followed Lilith in and closed the door behind her.
“What are we doing here?” Edenia whispered.
Lilith laughed as she pulled something black and silky out of the bag and tossed it at Edenia.
“We’re sneaking out, duh. Put this on, it should fit,” Lilith replied as she pulled out a black bundle of pleather. In a blink of the eye, Lilith had stripped down to her skivvies and thrown on the dress. Instantly she was transformed from beautiful, to pure sexuality. The dress cinched and accentuated in all of the right places. Her curves, that were soft and luscious, become irresistible. Her Chastity glimmered in the low lighting. Lilith turned to reveal the plunging back of the dress, leaving her pale shoulders bare down to the point where spine curved out to meet her round bottom. The slick fabric clung to her smooth flesh.
“If you’re just gonna stand there, go ahead and lace me up,” she said, holding a black ribbon over her shoulder as she pulled up her long hair, leaving pale neck and shoulders utterly bare. “Start at the top.”
Edenia stepped forward and took the ribbon in one hand and ran the fingers of her other hand along the edge of the dress, feeling for loops as her thumb brushed Lilith’s back. In and out. Back and forth. Edenia threaded the ribbon and tied it in a bow. Lilith dropped her hair and let it cascade down her back. She did a little hip roll and turned.
“Okay, your turn! Hurry, we’ll be late.” Lilith laughed as she tugged Edenia’s dress off, and threw the second bundle of formless black cloth over Edenia’s head. A soft pink blush colored Edenia’s dark cheeks, as Lilith pulled the dress down, over her supple breasts, and under Edenia’s Chastity. Edenia jumped, and had to repress a shudder when Lilith reached up and pulled out the hair tie that kept Edenia’s wild tresses in check and ran her fingers through Edenia’s dark, curly hair. Edenia shook her hair out and Lilith laughed, massaging her scalp.
“I had forgotten just how much hair you had!” she said as she pulled two gas masks and goggles out of the bag, tossed one set to Edenia, and put the other on herself. She pushed a cobweb-coated set of shelves to the side, revealing a small, equally dusty hole, and motioned for Edenia to follow as she crawled though. Soon they lost the light that filtered in, and the girls were left in the darkness. Edenia switched to the infrared vision on her goggles, and watched Lilith’s perfectly shaped rear, colored red by the heat sensors, continue along into the unknown. Through the grime and dirt they crawled, until, around the bend, Edenia could see a glimmer of light.

This is just the beginning of a story that has been sitting in my head, and I know where I want it to go, but I want to see where YOU want it to go, if anywhere at all.

Garden of Eve

Created: Jul 01, 2010

Tags: prose, romance, science fiction

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