To My Only

By MissRye

I’m sitting in a coffee shop,
Watching the people come and go
The door swings open
And the bell chimes

She is short and bold
Forthright with her sexuality
Her hair hides nothing.
She makes no apologies.

I watch as she walks
With her determined stride
There is beauty to her bluntness
And I loved her.

Again the door opens
And through walks a person
Shrouded in a veil of androgyny

Ze’s tall and elegant
Hair both short and long
The epitome of the genders
Both and Neither
And I loved hir

The bell chimes
Followed again by an entrance
Man, more of a boy
Awkward but sweet

Long hair in a pony tail
An anachronism,
Juxtaposed with pop culture shirt
Neither young nor old
And I loved him.

At long last,
Though the door walks

A Goddess in disguise
More beautiful than you could ever know
Full of grace and majesty,
Only emphasized by your doubt,
And insecurity

And I know
Of all the loves I’ve ever had
And all the ones yet to come
I love you the most
You are the one.

To My Only

Created: Jul 01, 2010

Tags: love poem

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