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[title cont: ...alianova)] Here's a revised remix of the Family Band Beginnin' Jam that I originally posted on 2-07-2010. Please delete the old version here It was brought to my attention that one of the "whistling" files I remixed is a copyrighted melody by Bernard Hermann from the film "Twisted Nerve." My apologies for the inconvenience.

A few of the Family Band members got together for a "welcome to the group" jam this weekend. It was great jamming with y'all! The contributors to this RECording included:

InkedCanvas (whistling and lip rolling)
mushr (spaghetti slurpin')
echolalianova (theremin)

We've still got plenty of room for new members so let us know what your skills are so we can include you in future jam sessions.

Created: Jun 30, 2010


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