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The Search for El Dorado

Narrator: Dirk Dynamite sits on a stool in the mailroom of an obsure big city corporation reading a comic book as various others sort mail and do mail room stuff.

Dirk Dynamite: This comic book is way off, Dirk says in a voice he fancies sounds like Humphrey Bogart but is more Mickey Rooney, if only I could get there, I’m sure I would find the lost city of El Dorado in the Andes Mountains.

Narrator: Dirk leans back and looks up at the fluorescent lights. From somewhere under his mail room stool he pulls out a conquistador helmet as worn in the 16th century and pops it on his head. Dirk doesn’t notice as his fellow mailroom workers begin to stare as if Dirk were an alien. Dressed ridiculously in a 40s style zoot suit and conquistador helmet, Dirk walks out of the mailroom, through the large open secretarial pool, and up to the desk of Trina Jones, a twenty two year old secretary with a tight sweater and reddish brown hair piled on her head.

Dirk: Hiya, toots!

Trina: Uh, high.

Narrator: Trina says, choking back a giggle. (In a Betty Boop reminiscent voice)

Dirk: I’m having a going away party tonight. Would you like to join me?

Trina: Going away, where are you going?

Dirk: Off to find El Dorado, the lost city of Gold. I know it will be in the Andes Mountains in South America.

Narrator: Trina is really trying to choke back a laugh now.

Trina: Sounds like a great adventure.

Dirk: It will be. Did you know that El Dorado constitutes the creative power of everything that exists? And it will be mine. I’ll be rich, but not just in money and gold, with the creative power of all the universe at my fingertips.

Trina: Ok.

Narrator: Trina said in a puzzled voice.

Trina: Who are you, again? I mean don’t you work in the mail room?

Dirk: Not anymore, I’m going to be the greatest explorer of all time.

Trina: Well, ok, but if you get on the subway dressed like that they might lock you up and throw away the key.

Narrator: Undaunted, Dirk exits.

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Created: Jun 30, 2010


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