Day One with the Family Band

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Getting ready to Hit the Road!

I started calling it “The Van” and then Joe took what I’d created –I mean, the name- and changed it, which is something he always does. But the name he gave to this car, this bus, this van where we were going to spend some time living in –all of us, all together- was a good one, so I smiled and let him get his way. But then everyone had a name for it. So when Richie called it “Arthur”, Mushr had no idea what he was talking about, because she called it “Jenny”. It would’ve been much simpler if this van had just one name, but things aren’t simple in this Family Band… and that’s the way we like it!

We spent a good deal of time talking about places, who lives where and if that person has a parking lot where we can stay for the night to rest, everyone’s favorite ice-cream flavor and how where we going to keep our dog Martin. I already had Iegor with me, but he’s an imaginary cat –and his fur grows and sheds in a rainbow array and coughs up pixie dust rather than hairballs, by the way-, so there really won’t be that much problems with those two. Unless, of course, one of them picks on the other, in which case… well, we’ll see then what we do with that.

In other news, I have a new map! Since the last one I had was very outdated – Metaphorest (I’m gonna call Sarah Daly, Metaphorest, and GGI, Sarah, we have a lot of Sarahs here!) found out it had been made around the 13th century, and it had been kept somehow miraculously intact. So, yes, Richie threw away a 13th century map, but the one I have now is better! Because it was made by Metaphorest herself, and it includes little red dots marking italian restaurants and sleep-over-and-popcorn-parties at friends’ houses.

We have been very busy writing and mixing songs and tunes, trying a little something here and there, spending a lot of time in our RECording studio, and looking for top hats for our new members and for anyone who wants to join. The more the merrier! Although, I can’t really say anything about this new songs, but I can assure you your minds will be blown and your hearts will lovesplode, and most likely, at the end of our show you’re going to feel so happy you’ll just want to hug everyone in the band. Don’t contain yourself, come say hello! Don’t be shy, we’d love to hear from you!

First part of Day One ends here, because I have to prepare lunch for everyone. They’re all busy talking about places and parks, while I write a little more about our adventures. I think I heard some plates crashing against the walls and a female voice yelling “Off with their heads!”.

Created: Jun 30, 2010


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