Odd Little Moments...

By tonguecutsparrow

...are generally odd because I make them that way.

Take this moment for example (one that happened not 4 minutes ago):

I am walking up my steps into my second story apartment and three kids (well, I say kids but they're probably around 20...) are sitting out on lawn chairs in the hot, humid Florida air. One of them has a guitar and another girl is singing while the one guy (probably a boyfriend of one of them) is listening.

As I am wont to do, I pay no mind. I have this weird thing where I see other artists of any medium and immediately shut myself in (who knows what they might say about the music I play or listen to??? Probably nothing, but I'm not the most rational individual, I suppose). However, it nags at me. This tugging at my heart nags at me.

So, against my better judgement, I write down the name of this site on a small piece of paper and walk out there. Well, I say I walked out there, but I really didn't JUST walk out there. I hemmed and hawed walking in a circle for about 3 to 4 minutes before deciding that I'm going to be awkward, but at least these guys would get a great site out of the deal. So out I went.

Well the girl with the guitar was inside and the other two were just talking. Great: now they're having a discussion about something and I'm going to interrupt in my awkward mousey voice and this is going to go bad. But I stick with it. The girl comes out of the apartment and I say as gently as my voice can carry:

"Um....do you...well, are you musicians?...Like...do you have music?"


Well, one second goes by and one girl pipes up and says, "Well I sing, and she plays guitar...we don't have any music here but..."

So in my awesome ability to stumble over myself, I interrupt:

"Well, do you have it recorded...or can you do that...or..."

Finally I just spat it out. I'm also a manager at a large office supply chain, so I just let the selling part of me kick in. So I went from slow, stumbly and awkward to WAY TOO FAST. This is going swimmingly.

"Well I just wanted to let you know about a website called hitRECord.org. It was started by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and allows you as artists to come together with other artists of all mediums and collaborate and remix each other's art. It's been featured in Sundance and SXSW..."

My mind goes a little blurry after that. I basically said "THANKS!" And shoved the paper into one of their hands and quickly scurried back into my apartment where I took a deep breath and shook my head in disbelief.

But it reminds me of one thing: this is why while my wife and her friends and family sit outside the midnight premiere of "Eclipse", I am sitting at home playing "Red Dead Redemption" before packing it in and falling asleep to "The White Ribbon" and "The Third Man".

It's these odd little moments I seem to create...

Oh well. At least I tried.

Odd Little Moments...

Created: Jun 30, 2010


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