"Mind Extractors" Lyrics

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I wouldn't be here today
If Kampaign hadn't paved the way
If Phonontek hadn't pressed play
Echo 5-7 minus the delay
Me and Kam
Like "Butch Cassidy: The Early Days"
Inception, deceptions
CGI Deceptacons
Like "Leprechaun In Space"
REmix your face like Mace Verger
With the bank merger
Clippin' golden parachutes

"Are we RECording?"

Cut the clip and REset the switch
I'll leave ya paranoid like Richie Rich
Or Jim Hoffa
Hip-hop in helicopters with rocket launchers
I'm in your dreams
They're collapsing like fractions
Forgeries, interactions
Mind extractions
At a theater near you
After the coming attractions

Created: Jun 29, 2010

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