Mind Extractors

By MattConley

This is a REmix of Kampaign's "Lil Sumthin." I rap on the second verse and the allusions to "Inception" are prevalent throughout, hence the new title: "Mind Extractors."

There are some minor changes to the opening and I played around with Phonontek's beat a bit. I added sound effects to my verse but left Kam's verse as is.

I'll upload a separate RECord with the lyrics.

Any non-hitRECord sound effects are from here: http://www.a1freesoundeffects.com/

Mind Extractors

Created: Jun 29, 2010

Tags: spark, think, thought, brain, mind's, minds, mind, incept, trailer, preview, coming attraction, movie, asleep, dreaming, dreams, dream, inception, kam's, turntable, lyric, lyrics, vibe, hitrecord, hit, rhythm, sundance kid, burtch cassidy, words, transformers, transformer, sound effects, sounds, sound, projector, projection, intro, are we recording, joe, regularity, reverb, vocals, vocal, voice, treble, bass, drum, loop, drums, instrumental, hardcore, beat, music, song, hip hop, rapping, verse, rhymes, rhyme, hip-hop, rap, kampaign, kam

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